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03-May-2019 Result Notification :- (Semester Exam Dec.-Jan. 2018-19) (Witheld) - M.A. (Economics) 1st Semester, M.A. (Political Science) 1st Semester, B.P.Ed. 1st Semester & B.Ed. 3rd Semester
30-Apr-2019 Result Notification :- (Semester Exam Dec.-Jan. 2018-19) (Witheld) - M.Sc. (Microbiology, Computer Science, Biotechnology) 1st Semester & M.A. (Geography) 1st & 3rd Semester
29-Apr-2019 Result Notification :- (Semester Examination Dec.-Jan. 2018-19)- B.Ed. 3rd Semester
27-Apr-2019 Result Notification :- (Semester Examination Dec.-Jan. 2018-19) - M.A. Hindi (1st Sem.) & M.Sc. Mathematics (1st Sem.)
26-Apr-2019 Result Notification :- (semester Examination-Dec-Jan. 2018-19) - M.A. Sociology (3rd Sem.)
25-Apr-2019 Result Notification :- (Semester Examination Dec.-Jan. 2018-19) - M.Sc. (Physics) 1st & 3rd Semester, M.Sc. (Computer Science) 1st & 3rd Semester, M.A. (Economics) 1st & 3rd Sem., M.A. (Political Science) 1st & 3rd Sem., M.A. (History) 1st & 3rd Sem., M.A. (Geography) 1st & 3rd Sem., & M.A. (Hindi) 3rd Sem.
24-Apr-2019 Result Notification :- Semester Examination (Dec.-Jan. 2018-19)- M.Sc. Bio-technology (1st & 3rd Sem.) M.Sc. Zoology (1st & 3rd Sem.) M.Sc. Microbiology (1st & 3rd Sem.) & B.P.Ed. (1st & 3rd Sem.)
22-Apr-2019 Result Notification :- M.Sc. (Home Science) 1st & 3rd Sem (Dec.-Jan 2018-19), M.A. English (1st Sem.) & M.Lib 1st Sem. (Dec.-Jan. 2018-19)
22-Apr-2019 Result Notification :- M.A. English (3rd Semester) Examination Dec.-Jan. 2018-19
11-Apr-2019 Result Notification :- Semester Exam Dec.-Jan (2018-19)- M.A. (Home Science) 1st and 3rd Semester & PG Diploma in Education and Philosophy (1st Sem)
09-Apr-2019 Result Notification :- (U.F.M.) BBA 6th semster Dec. _ 2018 (Special Exam) And B.A. B.Ed. Part-01 Exam_2018
09-Apr-2019 Result Notification :- (Witheld) - B.Ed. (ATKT) 1st Sem. Exam (May-June_2017) & M.S.W. 3rd Semester Exam (Dec._2018)
08-Apr-2019 Result Notification :- BBA 6th Semester (Special Exam) Dec._2018
04-Apr-2019 Result Notification :- Semester Examination (Dec.-Jan.- 2018-19) - M.S.W. 1st and 3rd Sem.
25-Mar-2019 Result Notification :- B.Sc.B.Ed./B.A. B.Ed. Part-01 (Annual Exam-2018)
15-Mar-2019 Result Notification :- Revaluation (20%) LLB Part-3 (Second Semester-May-June 2018)
08-Mar-2019 Result Notification :- (Revaluation 20%) - Annual Exam-2018 (B.Sc. Part-2, M.A. Previous (English & History) M.A. Final (English & Political Science) & Semester Exam May-June 2018 (Re-revaluation) (BBA 4th Sem.)
02-Mar-2019 Result Notification :- (Re-revaluation) - May-June 2018 (BBA 2nd & 4th Sem. & LLB Part-2 (Second Semester)
23-Feb-2019 Result notification :- (Witheld) B.A. Part-2 (Supplementary Exam_2017)
22-Feb-2019 Result Notification :- Revaluation (Annual Exam 2018) M.A.- English (Final)