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09-Jun-2021 Result Notification :- M.S.W. 1st & 3rd Semester Examination (Session Dec.-Jan.2020-21)
09-Jun-2021 Result Notification :- M.A. Home Science 1st Semester (Session Dec.-Jan.-2020-21)
08-Jun-2021 Result Notification (Withheld-Annual/Semester-2020) :- B.A. Part-01, 01(Add.), 02, 03, B.Com. Part-01, B.Com. Part-03, B.Sc. Part-01, 02, 03, B.Sc. Part-03 (Special Exam), BCA Part-02, M.A. Hindi (Previous & Final) M.A. Sociology (Final) M.A. History (Final), M.A. English (Final), M.A. History 4th Sem., M.A. Political Science 4th Sem., M.Ed.4th Sem., BBA 6th Sem. Examination
07-Jun-2021 Result Notification (Withheld-Annual/Semester-2020) :- B.Com. Part-01, 02, 03, B.Sc. Part-01,02 (Special), 03, B.A. Part-01, 02, 03, BCA Part-02, B.A Part-01, 02, 03 (special), Part-02, 03 (Special), M.A. Hindi Previous, MA English Previous, MA Sociology Final, MA Economics Final, M.Com. Final, MA Political Science Final, B.Ed 4th Sem., MA Hindi 4th sem Examination
04-Jun-2021 Result Notification (Withheld-Annual/Sem.-2020) :- B.Sc. Part-01, 03, B.A. Additional Part-01, B.A. Part-02, 03, B.Com. Part-01, 02, 03, M.A. English Previous, M.A. Sociology Previous, M.A. Political Science Final, M.A. English Final, M.A. Hindi Final, M.A. Economics Final, M.A. Sociology Final, M.Com. Final, LLB 1st Sem. (ATKT), M.A. Hindi 2nd Sem ATKT, B.Ed. 2nd Sem., PGDCA 2nd Sem, MSc. Home Science 2nd Sem (ATKT), M.Sc. Computer Science 4th Sem, M.A. Hindi 4th Sem, M.A. History 4th Sem, M.Sc. Microbiology 4th Sem, M.Ed. 4th Sem, B.Ed. 4th Sem. Examination
03-Jun-2021 Result Notification :- PG Diploma in Yoga Education and Philosophy-1st Semester Examination (May-2021)
01-Jun-2021 Result Notification (Witheld) :- B.Sc. Part-03 Annual-2020, M.Com. Final Annual-2018, M.A. Hindi Final Annual-2018, B.Com. Part-03 (Supply) Oct.-2019, B.Sc. Part-03 (Reval) Annual-2019, B.Com. Part-03 Annual-2019, B.Ed. 4th Sem. May-2018 Examination
31-May-2021 Result Notification :- M.Lib. 1st Semester (Session 2020-21) Examination May-2021
31-May-2021 Result Notification (Withheld-2019, 20) :- B.A. Part-01, 02 & 03 B.Sc. Part-01 & 03, M.A. Geography Final, MA. English Final, BCA part-01, MA Economics Final, B.Com. Part-01 B.Sc. Part-02, B.Com Part-03, M.A. Sociology Final, M.Com. Previous, M.A. Hindi Final, B.A. Additional Part-01, DCA 2nd Sem., LLB 2nd Sem., B.Ed. 4th Sem., M.Com. 2nd Sem., M.Sc. Chemistry 2nd Sem., M.Sc. Maths 4th Sem Examination
27-May-2021 Result Notification (Witheld-Annual-2020) :- B.Sc. Part-03, B.A. Part-03, M.A. History (Previous & Final), M.A. Sociology (Previous & Final), M.A. Political Science (Final), M.A. Hindi (Final), M.A. English (Final), M.Sc. Mathematics (Final), M.Com. Final, B.Ed. 2nd Sem. (Ex.) May-2020, M.A. Hindi 4th Sem., May-june-2020, M.Ed. 4th Sem. May-june 2020, B.Ed. 4th Sem. May-june 2020, BBA 6th Sem May-june 2020, LLB 6th Sem May-2020
03-Apr-2021 Result Notification (Witheld) :- B.A. Part-01, 02 & 03 - Annual 2018, B.Com. Part-03 B.A. Part-02 (Reval) B.A. Part-03 (Supple), DCA 2nd Sem., LLB 2nd Sem (Reval), PGDCA 2nd Sem., M.A. English 3rd Sem (ATKT) M.Ed. 4th Sem., B.Ed. 4th Sem., B.Ed. 1st Sem., M.Sc. Botany 3rd Sem, M.A. History (Final) B.A. Part-01, Part-01 (Supple), Part-01 (Ex.) B.Sc. Part-02 (Supple) B.A. Part-03 (Supple) BCA Part-03, M.A. English (Final-Reval) PGDCA 2nd Sem., M.Com. 4th Sem., B.Ed. 4th Sem., M.Sc. Maths 4th Sem., LLB 6th Sem., B.A. Part-01 (Supple), BCA Part-03 (Supple) Annual/Semester Examination 2018, 2019
25-Mar-2021 Result Notification (Witheld) :- B.A. Part-03, B.Sc. Part-03, B.A. Part-02 (Suppl) B.A. Part-01, B.Com. Part-01, B.Sc. Part-1, M.Com. 4th Sem., M.A. Hindi 4th Sem., LLB part-01-1st Sem.ATKT, B.Sc. Part-01 (Ex), B.Sc. Part-3(reval) B.A. Part-03, M.Ed. 4th Sem Exam 2018/2019
19-Mar-2021 Result Notification (Witheld) :- B.A. Part-01 & 03, B.Sc. (Supple) Part-03, B.Ed. 4th Sem., M.Com. 4th Sem (ATKT), B.A. Part-03, M.Com. 4th Sem., BBA 6th Sem., M.Sc. Maths 4th sem., M.Sc. Chemistry 4th Sem., PGDCA 2nd Sem. (Ex.) DCA 2nd Sem., M.A. Hindi 4th Sem., DCA 1st Sem (Ex), B.A. Part-03 (Supple), BCA Part-03 (Supple), B.Ed. 3rd Sem., Exam-2018/2019
10-Mar-2021 Result Notification (Witheld) :- M.Com. 4th Sem., B.Ed. 1st Sem., DCA 2nd Sem., M.Sc. Physics 1st Sem., B.Ed. 4th Sem., B.A. part-01 (reval 20%) B.Ed. 4th Sem., M.Sc. Computer Science 4th Sem.Exam. 2018/2019
06-Mar-2021 Result Notification (Witheld) :- B.Ed. 4th Sem., M.Com. 4th Sem., M.Sc. Maths 1st Sem (ATKT) B.A. Part-3, B.Com. Part-1, B.A. Part-3 (Suppl.) M.A. Hindi 4th Sem., B.Ed. 4th Sem., M.A. Economics 1st Sem., BBA 1st Sem., M.Com. 1st Sem Exam Year/Sem. 2018/2019
03-Mar-2021 Result Notification (Witheld) :- M.Sc. Final Maths Annual-2018, M.A. Final English Annual-2018, M.Sc. Computer Science 4th Sem. May-2018, M.Sc. Maths 4th Sem (ATKT) Dec.-2018, B.A. Part-1 Annual-2019, M.Sc. Chemistry 4th Sem. May-2019, B.Ed. 1st Sem., Dec.-2019, DCA 1st Sem. Dec.-2019, LLB Part-03 (1st Sem.) Dec.-2019, M.Ed. 1st Sem. Dec-2019, LLB 2nd Sem (ATKT) May-2020, M.Sc. Botany 2nd Sem (ATKT) Jan.2020 Examination
27-Feb-2021 Result Notification (Witheld) :- B.Sc. part-03 annual-2018, B.A. part-02 annual-2018, M.Com. Final Annual-2018, M.A. Political Science 4th sem. may-2018, BBA 4th Sem. ATKT may-2019, B.Ed. 4th Sem. may-2019, M.Ed. 4th Sem. may-2019, M.Sc. Zoology 4th Sem. may-2019, B.Sc. Part-03 (Suppl.) 2019, DCA 1st Sem (Ex.) Dec.-2019, B.Ed. 1st Sem., Dec.-2019, PGDCA 1st Sem (Ex.) Dec.-2019, LLB 1st Sem. (Ex.) Dec.-2019, M.Ed 1st Sem. Dec.-2019, B.Sc. part-03 annual-2020, M.A. Political Science final annual-2020, M.A. English Final Annual-2020, B.Sc. part-03 annual-2020, B.Sc. Part-03 annual-2020, B.Ed. 2nd Sem (Ex.) may-2020, B.Ed. 4th Sem may-2020, BBA 4th Sem (ATKT) may-2020, LLB 6th sem may-2020 examination
23-Feb-2021 Result Notification (Witheld) :- BSc. Part-02, BA. Part-01, Supple.2017, B.Ed. 1st Sem/2nd Sem. ATKT dec-2017, M.A. Hindi (Final) Annual-2018, B.Com. part-02 reval 20% annual 2018, BCA part-01 annual-2018, M.A. Pol.Science (Final) Annual-2018, M.A. Hindi 4th Sem, M.A. English 4th Sem., M.A. Sociology 4th Sem, M.A. Geography 4th Sem., M.A. Geography 1st sem ATKT, M.Sc. Chemistry 4th Sem May-2018, BBA 3rd sem ATKT Dec-2019, B.Ed. 4th Sem May-2019, B.Ed. 4th Sem ATKT Dec.-2019, B.A. part-03 Annual 2019, B.Ed. 3rd Sem. Dec.-2019, B.Ed. 4th Sem may-2020, B.Ed. 3rd sem (Ex.) dec.-2019, B.Ed. 1st Sem Dec.-2019, BCA part-03 Annual 2020 Exam
16-Feb-2021 Result Notification (Special Exam Nov.-Dec.2020) :- B.A. B.Ed. Part-02
16-Feb-2021 Result Notification (Witheld) :- B.A. Part-03, B.A. Part-01, B.A. Part-03, M.A. Hindi (Final), DCA 2nd Sem., PGDCA 2nd Sem., B.A. Part-03, B.Ed. 2nd Sem., M.A. Economics 4th Sem., Exam Annual 2018/2019, Supple. 2018 Semester-May-2018 ATKT Exam May-2019

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